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Assessment At Hemblington Primary School

The Curriculum At Hemblington Primary School

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RSHE Consultation

RSHE Curriculum Map


Maths Curriculum Map (White Rose)


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Musical Progression KS1

Musical Progression KS2

Styles And Cross Curricular Links KS1

Styles And Cross Curricular Links KS2


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RE Curriculum Map

Norfolk Religious Education Agreed Syllabus


EYFS Early Learning Goals

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EYFS Cygnet Class

Curriculum Overview EYFS

EYFS  Curriculum Overview Autumn

EYFS Summer 1 Overview

Summer 2 overview

Year 1 Swan Class

Year 1 Swan Class Curriculum Map

Year 1 Curriculum Overview Autumn

Year 1 Spring Overview

Year 1 Summer Overview


Year 2 Robin Class

Year 2 Robin Class Curriculum Map

Year 2 Curriculum Overview Autumn

Year 2 Spring Overview

Year 2 Summer Overview


Year 3 Kingfisher Class

Year 3 Kingfisher Class Curriculum Map

Year 3 Curriculum Overview Autumn

Year 3 Spring Overview

Year 3 Summer Overview


Year 4 Swallow Class

Year 4 Swallow Class Curriculum Map

Year 4  Curriculum Overview Autumn

Year 4 Spring Overview

Year 4 Summer Overview


Year 5 Kestrel Class

Year 5 Kestrel Class Curriculum Map

Year 5  Curriculum Overview Autumn

Year 5 Spring Overview

Year 5 Summer Overview


Year 6 Eagle Class

Year 6 Eagle Class Curriculum Map

Year 6  Curriculum Overview Autumn

Year 6 Spring Overview

Year 6 Summer Overview

Summer 2 Newsletter Eagles


Hemblington Primary School

Headteacher: Miss Kendra Collier

Telephone: 01603 713243

Fax: 01603 716994