Personal Development

At Hemblington we recognise that the primary years are a key time for children to develop their own identity and aspirations for the future. As well as academic development, it is essential that children are given opportunities, through the curriculum and beyond, for personal development.

We understand the crucial role we can play in helping children to prepare for their adult lives so they can go on to engage positively in society.

The opportunities we can offer them while at Hemblington will impact upon their future, helping them to develop the core values we hold at the school. This is why Personal Development is at the heart of our curriculum offer.

Curriculum Drivers

Our whole curriculum is underpinned by 6 curriculum drivers. These drive and shape our school and underpin the learning and experiences we undertake in all aspects of school life. These key drivers are personal to our school and are tailored towards developing the whole child.  Our personal development curriculum goes beyond the national curriculum.

Our curriculum drivers:

  • become society ready
  • have high aspirations 
  • develop strong emotional resilience
  • have good communication and oracy skills
  • be curious and develop a love of learning 
  • have memorable opportunities and experiences 

To compliment the curriculum drivers, the school has the ‘Hemblington Hundred’ an enrichment programme that every child is entitled to experience during their time at the school.

Hemblington Hundred


We have made a whole school commitment to the teaching and development of character traits, attributes and behaviours which underpin achievement and success; endeavouring to ensure that developing ‘character’ goes hand in hand with high educational aspirations and achievement.

At Hemblington Primary School we have developed a set of specific values that we teach the children on an annual cycle. The six values were decided upon in collaboration with the staff and pupils of the school, with a value allocated to every half term the children are at school. The planned programme supports our children in making good choices both in their learning and around the school. They incorporate the nine ‘protected characteristics’ and ensure that our pupils develop the skills to be good citizens in the future.

The values are used as a focus in our assemblies and are celebrated in the whole school assembly each week, as well as being woven into teaching and learning within classrooms. Our Values Assemblies teach pupils about the personal qualities valued in society. Assemblies, both whole and key stages, enable pupils to explore issues relating directly to rules, behaviour and bullying.