Vision and Aims

At Hemblington Primary School everyone in our community aims to be the best they can be, as no dream, ambition or adventure is out of reach.  

Those who join our inclusive array make headway and are excited and passionate for the golden opportunities ahead. 

Our curriculum is a wide landscape, providing the best circumstances for all to explore.  The welcome sights discovered, help our hedgehogs communicate with the world around them.  

Sometimes the countryside is dangerous, but we persevere, excited and determined about what the future holds.

Our community forms a strong bond, embracing new challenges, taking ownership and developing resilience as they focus to achieve.    From any starting point our array can be guided to explore their own course, achieve their goals, and reach their destinations so they are society ready.

All our hedgehogs will experience long term success.

Pupils will:

Be responsible

Be respectful

Be resilient

Be ready