Big Plastic Count

The Big Plastic Count is the UK’s biggest household plastic waste investigation. Between 11-

17 March, thousands of people in the UK came together to count their plastic waste and we

were part of this!

Thank you for supporting our pupils in tallying up the plastic you throw away at home.

Governments globally are working towards a Global PlasticsTreaty and we’re calling on our

government to push for a strong and ambitious treaty. A treaty that addresses the whole life

cycle of plastics: a phase-out of new plastic production, and a just and inclusive transition to

a low-carbon, zero-waste, reuse based Economy.

Thanks to your help, The Big Plastic Count will build even more evidence about what really

happens to our plastic waste, and push UK ministers, supermarkets and big brands to lead

the way at the global talks that could finally phase out plastic production for good.

Our next steps in school are to discuss and collate all the data the children collected at

home. We will then be able to generate the plastic footprint for each child, class and our

whole school community! We will also be further investigating what really happens to our

waste and deepen our understanding of recyclin. This will help pupils understand the history

of plastic packaging and the importance of a plastic-free future.