Cygnet Learning

w/e 6.11.20

This week we have been learning about celebrations. We have been talking about bonfire night and birthday celebrations. We made our own bonfire sound stories of fireworks with voice sounds and actions. We read the story Pumpkin Soup and learned that we can listen to a story more than once. We talked about the main characters Duck, Cat and Squirrel. We talked about them falling out and at the end of the week we enjoyed reading Duck in a Truck where the friends are helpful. In our maths we compared numbers and quantities. We added more representations to our It’s Me 1,2,3! class maths book. Maths games have been invented in our independent learning time involving dice games, number tracks and obstacle courses. We have been choosing which of two Phonic related stories we want to be read by doing a daily vote. We choose a brick and put it against our chosen story. We then compare the 2 towers and the tallest tower wins. We have been working hard with our learning behaviour to get onto the star on the classroom recognition board.

It was with great sadness that we said “Goodbye” on Friday. It was a very odd day but the children listened, responded really well and calmly to the instruction that we should tidy up early. Next week we will be continuing our learning on Google classroom and I look forward to sharing our learning. Reception staff look forward to seeing all Cygnets again soon.

Cygnet Learning

W/e 9.10.20

This week we set up an Autumn investigation station. We went for walks looking for signs of Autumn and collected acorns, leaves and things. We have been learning about comparing objects in maths. The children decided to invite Hedgie and Hoglet for a picnic. So we used our knowledge about comparing sizes to make sure that Hedgie got the big cup, big plate and big piece of pear and Hoglet got the small cup, small plate and a slice of pear. We all wrote a picnic invitation to Hedgie. We enjoyed listening to the story “A New House for Mouse.”

The theme for October assemblies is Rights and Responsibilities. We thought about our class rules and decided in Cygnet Class we should try our best to care for each other by having kind hands, kind mouths, and kind feet.

The weather has been very wet this week. Some of the children were feeling tired towards the end of the week. So when the sun shone on Friday morning we all sat down and planned a day to make us feel happy. We put on our coats and wellingtons and went outside to enjoy the glorious Autumn sunshine. We found sycamore keys and through them into the air to watch them spin and we ran to catch them. We looked at the sun shining through the Autumn leaves hanging from the trees and talked about their colours. Some of the children made a cafe in the A-frame and sold ice creams and hot chocolate. We thought about the things we love doing at school and made videos for next week’s virtual Open Day.

Head lice

Head lice Advice

Within most schools at any one time, there will be a small number of children infected with head lice. Infection levels remain fairly constant so we need your help to combat the bugs!

As a school we want to ensure parents/carers are provided with the advice and support to effectively detect and treat cases of head lice affecting their own children. For information on how to spot, treat and prevent head lice you may wish to visit NHS Choices

We understand your frustrations and concerns regarding head lice so here are some answers to your questions:-

Who is responsible for the prevention of head lice?

It remains parental responsibility to detect and administer treatment for head lice to their own children.

Why do you not exclude children from school who have head lice?

The Department for Children, Schools and Families advises that pupils should not be excluded. The reason for this is that although head lice are unpleasant it is not classed as an infectious disease, which warrants keeping a pupil away from school.

What is the school doing to help control infection?

Although schools no longer have ‘nit nurses’ we do recognise that we still have an important role in supporting parents in managing the problem. By working closely with parents and our pupils we can hopefully make a difference. We will provide advice and support to parents on detection and treatment. If your child is suspected of having head lice we will inform you and request that you check your child and treat if necessary.

What can I do as a parent to help control infection?

As previously mentioned it is parental responsibility to detect and administer treatment for head lice to their own children. We would like you to check your child for head lice once a week using a nit comb which are available from the local chemist. We understand many children like to wear their hair down but we do request that long hair is tied up to minimise head to head contact in school.

Treating head lice is not a problem. Detection and effective ongoing treatment of head lice is key to reducing the outbreaks.

National Oak Academy

If your child is off school because they are isolating , please follow the link below to access the National Oak Academy. Lessons suitable for each year group are available and it will allow your child to keep learning at home.

Look at your child’s class curriculum letter to find the topics they will be covering this term.

Cygnet Learning

W/e 2.10.20

This week we started the White Rose Maths topic Just Like Me. We learned about matching and sorting. We read The Button Box and did lots of sorting and matching activities using buttons, items from our inside and outside environments. We played sorting and matching card games.

We have been learning about our senses and how we use them during our daily activities.

We started Phase 2 Phonics with Jolly Phonics and have been making letters with playdough and paint.

We have been learning how to put on our waterproof dungarees when playing with the water resources.

We have started wearing our welly boots at playtimes. The stormy weather inspired paintings and action rhymes.

We have been practising a new hand washing song and singing it when washing our hands to remind us about making sure we clean our hands carefully.

Cygnets Starting School

The children are settling well into Cygnet Class. They are learning to make new friends and to work with new adults. They are learning new routines in the classroom and about the areas of provision. The children are learning the lunch time routines and developing their independence by managing their food and asking Cygnet staff and midday supervisors when they need help. Cygnet class have joined with Swan Class in the hall for their first Assemblies with Ms Collier. The September whole school theme is about New Beginnings and Courage. Cygnet Class has shown this in the way they have settled into school.

We have taken part in a whole school topic on the brain. We have been learning that the brain helps us to move, think and remember. It sends and receives messages to and from our bodies. We learned that we can help to look after our brains by being healthy through eating healthily, exercising and sleep. We have enjoyed our PE sessions and daily short relaxation times.