Half Term Message

Wow Swallows! We have completed another week and another half term! A huge well done for continuing to work so hard at home (children and parents) and I have really enjoyed seeing the creative ways you have approached your learning. I hope you and your families have a great week, full of fun and sunshine. Love Mrs Meston x

Please also see a message from Mrs M-G, plus a gorgeous photo!

Robin Home Learning: 22.5.20

Good morning Robins. This is the final day of home learning before the start of the half term holiday. It has certainly been a strange half term for us all, as we have had to become accustomed to staying at home. However, it has given you more time with your families and it has been great to see some of the practical ways you have been learning. We have also been very lucky with the weather during the last six weeks, for we have had lots of sunshine, which has meant you have been able to spend time outside in your garden, or exploring the local area where you live.

I would like you to finish the week with the BBC Bitesize lessons. You will start with the ‘Weekly Maths Challenges’, so good luck with solving them. Afterwards, your English lesson will be the ‘Daily Book Club: Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies by Pamela Butchart’. The footballer, Jesse Lingaard, will be reading extracts from this book and then you will complete three activities. Finally, there is a Music lesson, which is called ‘Make Music from Jam Jars’. You will begin with a video, showing music being made with objects from the kitchen. For the final activity, you will be following instructions to make a jam xylophone. It certainly sounds as though it will be a fun lesson! Here is the link to the BBC Bitesize lessons.


To end our garden bird work this week, I am giving you some border paper, so you can choose your own task. You may want to write some information about the birds that visit your garden, setting your work out in sections with sub-titles. Otherwise, you may like to write a poem, featuring one of your favourite birds, recalling everything you have learnt about writing poems during this half term. Another possibility is to write a short story featuring birds and I shall give you a couple of links to some stories on the RSPB site, which may help you to develop an idea for your own story.



Finally, I am giving you an art activity, which you may like to work on during half term. It is called Eye-catching colours’ and it is linked to the landscape paintings by David Hockney. The following two pages give you guidance on how to create a colourful patchwork of fields, using ‘complementary’ colours.

Here are three images of David Hockney’s work to inspire you to be creative.

I hope you have a lovely week’s holiday with your family doing lots of fun activities. Let’s also hope the sun continues to shine, so we can all spend time outside enjoying the countryside.

Cygnet Home Learning


Dear Cygnets

Today we finish off our learning about worms but you can still study the worms in your wormery and record what you see in your worm diary over the holiday. Here are some worm facts which will help you with your learning.

You may have been looking for worms in your garden and found it a bit tricky to find any. Our next book is an interesting one because it is both a story book and an information book. Listen carefully and you will hear how the worms burrow deeper into the ground when it is hot to reach damp soil and when it is icy they burrow even deeper to keep warm. Choose your favourite worm fact and make your own fact card by drawing a picture and writing a sentence.

Today’s rhyme challenge is a matching one. You can do this on the screen or print it out.

In today’s maths lesson you will be measuring worms.

Let’s finish our worm learning with a funny song.

Enjoy the sunshine today and enjoy the holiday with your families.

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