Swan Class trip to Time and Tide

Swan Class had a fantastic trip to the Time and Tide Museum on Thursday. They went to rescue a pirate who had been shipwrecked in Great Yarmouth. The children met a pirate and learnt how to climb rigging, scrub the decks and load a cannon. They looked for treasure in the museum and they learnt how to be a member of the Royal Navy.

The children had a fabulous time and behaved beautifully.

Swan News

This week the children went on a fossil adventure. The children acted out a visit to West Runton where they found amazing fossils. They wrote about their adventure in a Fossil Adventure story.

We painted our clay fossils ready for a museum display.

In design with Mrs Davies, the children made clothes and accessories for Wilbur’s holiday. They designed the item, selected materials and helped to use the sewing machine. Once the items are ready Wilbur will be packing for his holiday.

In Maths the children are working on calculations. They worked on addition and subtraction and even discussed negative numbers.

Next week we are preparing for our trip to the Time and Tide museum. We have plenty of helpers but if you wish to come please let me know.

Cygnet News

This week Cygnets joined in with the whole school Sign2Sing performance to parents. They did brilliantly well singing with such enthusiasm and learning the signs so quickly. Their confidence is growing. We did some observational drawings of our faces for our time capsules and have now completed our self portrait paintings. Chinese dragons have inspired our creative activities this week. We are developing a dragon dance in our dance lessons and are making dragons with recycled materials. We also planted sweet pea seeds in recycled pots and look forward to watching them grow.

w/e 7.2.20

Cygnet News

W/e 10.1.20

We wished everyone a Happy New Year and unwrapped our new calendar. We met up with Swan class to look at the time capsules they made last year. We saw how much they have changed. We went into Monday assembly for the first time and had our first dance class with Caroline. There was a very windy day so we made kites and had lots of fun trying them out and thinking about what makes a good kite. We celebrated the New Year by inviting Swan class to share a healthy snack we made. Our edible fireworks were delicious and we enjoyed second helpings!

Cygnet News

W/e 17.1.20

This week we started work on our time capsules. We did lots of measuring and compared our heights using the words tall, taller, short and shorter. One afternoon some of the children organised a fruit cafe and we visited the bank to withdraw money to pay for our snacks.

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