Cygnet News

w/e 3.12.21

The children have begun to talk about some of the preparations which are happening at home for Christmas. They were really delighted to discover that the school had been decorated for Christmas. Thank you to the Friends and the parents from Cygnet class who gave their time to make the school look so festive. We enjoyed walking through the school and spotting the decorations. They provided a resource for lots of descriptive language. The children particularly liked the tree and they each described their favourite bauble. This week we have been learning about the story of Christmas. We listened to The Nativity and also Jesus’ Christmas Party by Janet and Allan Aldberg. There was a really lovely collaboration between children who made brick houses and they added them together so that there were neighbours who visited each other. That led to us learning a new rhyme “Who’s that Knocking at the Window” which we will use in our Nativity. We used instruments and did lots of learning around keeping the beat. To celebrate the beginning of Advent we made our own Advent calendar. The children wrapped up chocolate coins and wrote a number on each one to hang on our Advent star. We talked about how we can be kind at home in our families as we prepare for Christmas and have started our Christmas Kindness Countdown. We made our own Christmas decorations to turn our Tree of Wishes into a Christmas tree by painting it green and painting fir cones and dipping them in glitter. We mixed shades of paint we wanted, held the fir cones carefully and turned them carefully to coat them in paint. In our maths we enjoyed learning about adding one more to numbers to make 5 and we sang 5 Elephants Went out to Play and we took 1 away from number from 5 and sang 5 Green Bottles. The children made up their own very creative versions of 5 Green Bottles using resources they found in the classroom. In phonics we have learned new phonemes ng, ai, ee, ie and to read tricky words was and my.

Cygnet News

w/e 26.11.21

This week is Road Safety week. We learned about the people who keep us safe on the roads including crossing patrol widens with their lollipops, road designers, police, paramedics, air ambulance workers and mechanics. The children were intrigued by the idea of road designers. One child built a bridge with different safety features including a slide for children to get down. We learned about crossing the road safely and the 4 important words of Stop, Look, Listen and Think before crossing the road holding our adult’s hand. This week we have enjoyed listening to Leafman by Lois Elhert. We enjoyed looking carefully at the pictures and spotted the different characters. We had fun choosing leaves, seeds and sticks to make our own leaf characters outside in the warm sunshine. Some of the children made people and some made animals. We talked about where North, South, East and West are in relation to our classroom. One of the children wanted to know what a prairie is so we did some research on the internet. We learned that they are large flat areas of grass. We learned that prairie dogs live in the prairies of North America one of the children thought they look like Meerkats. We designed picture frames to display the lovely photos of our families. This week in our SCARF lessons we have been learning that our homes are different and some children built houses with bricks and duplo. In maths we have been learning about representing numbers to 5. We made groups of objects 4 and 5, and investigated different ways of making 4 and 5. In our phonics we have been learning about the digraphs sh, ch, th and ng. We practised writing tricky words the and to and we learned to read we, me and be. Our rhyme of the week is Hickory Dickory Dock. We had fun keeping the beat using different actions and parts of our bodies. In PE we are learning about safe spaces and moving safely. The theme for this week was mythical creatures and we had fun moving like unicorns, fairies and dragons.

Swan News 27.11.21

Dear All

The weeks seem to be flying by and we only have 3 weeks left before the Christmas break!

We have so much to get done, so it will be a busy few weeks. We will get started on rehearsing the Nativity, so you may hear your child singing a few new songs. We have lots of costumes at school so we won’t be asking you to buy anything. We will be sending out timings and ticket details next week, sorry for the delay but we really want to be able to perform live to parents so we need to get the final details sorted out.

In English this week we wrote descriptions of settings. We thought about adjectives that could be used to add detail to our sentences. 

In Maths we looked at place value using tens and ones, writing numbers as words and representing the numbers with cubes, ten frames and numicom.

In Science, the children started to make a non-fiction book about animals, they used a knowledge organiser to find information and thought about how the book would be presented.

In Geography we learnt about Wales. The children watched a video of the special places in Wales, such as Mount Snowdon and the coast and wrote that Cardiff is the capital city.  In RE we continued to explore the nativity story. The children are becoming more familiar with the different vocabulary and are beginning to understand the origins of Christmas. 

Please remember to send named hats and gloves to school now the weather is getting colder and please help your child to practise zipping up their own coat. We will always help if someone is struggling but we do encourage them to have a go first. 

Have good weekend

Mrs Buckley and Mrs Goodson

Swan News

As well as emailing Swan News to you each week I thought I would add it to the class page too.

Swan News

The children were able to go on another Magic Bus adventure this week. We made the most of the mild weather and got outside to act out the adventure. We were solving the problem of the stolen Pteranodon eggs and we needed to look for clues to get them back. We made it clear that we were using our imagination but the children immersed themselves fully in the role play to make it feel real. The children used lots of opportunities to write, they made maps, wrote the story of the adventure and read the clues.

In Maths we studied geometry, naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes. The children used vocabulary such as edges, faces and angles. They also made some very creative shape pictures and counted how many different shapes they used.

In art, the children went outside to study a tree in all its Autumn glory. They sketched what they could see and next week they will look at the colours of the leaves and mix paints to make the different colours. The children will look at how the tree changes through the seasons. 

In Geography the children continued their work on the United Kingdom and found out about Scotland, drawing the Saltire and finding out that the capital city is Edinburgh. In RE we started to read the story of Christmas, this has introduced the children to the Christian story of the birth of Jesus. Over the coming weeks we will be learning more about this. On Friday we celebrated children in need by listening to a story about Pudsey bear and thinking about why we need to help some children by raising funds. Thank you for all your donations.

We are going to start some preparations for our Christmas performance. At the moment we are aiming for two productions of a simple nativity performed by the Swans. One performance will be in Hemblington Church on the morning of Friday 10th December, and another performance at school on the afternoon of Tuesday 14th December. Fingers crossed that these can go ahead. We will keep you posted.

Hemblington Primary School

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