Travelling Book Fair 2020

The Book Fair is currently in school until Monday 14th December. During this time, each class will be looking at the books with their teacher, when they can write down the titles of up to three books on a Wish List. We are ensuring that the children’s visits to the Book Fair take place every other day, to allow a quarantine period in between. The children will take their Wish List home and it is then up to families whether they order any of the books. All purchases made will contribute towards the school being able to order some free books for each year group.

Attached below is all the information needed in order to purchase the books. This has previously been e-mailed to all families just after we returned to school after the closure.

Writing Competition: Enter by 28.10.20

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Writers’ Awards 2020

Calling all young writers!

If you have any spare time over half term and you are looking for any activity, here is an opportunity to enter a writing competition.

Below there is a link to a resource pack, which you can use for some guidance on writing a short story.

Enter your 500-word story online by the 28th of October for a chance to win incredible prizes!

Head lice

Head lice Advice

Within most schools at any one time, there will be a small number of children infected with head lice. Infection levels remain fairly constant so we need your help to combat the bugs!

As a school we want to ensure parents/carers are provided with the advice and support to effectively detect and treat cases of head lice affecting their own children. For information on how to spot, treat and prevent head lice you may wish to visit NHS Choices

We understand your frustrations and concerns regarding head lice so here are some answers to your questions:-

Who is responsible for the prevention of head lice?

It remains parental responsibility to detect and administer treatment for head lice to their own children.

Why do you not exclude children from school who have head lice?

The Department for Children, Schools and Families advises that pupils should not be excluded. The reason for this is that although head lice are unpleasant it is not classed as an infectious disease, which warrants keeping a pupil away from school.

What is the school doing to help control infection?

Although schools no longer have ‘nit nurses’ we do recognise that we still have an important role in supporting parents in managing the problem. By working closely with parents and our pupils we can hopefully make a difference. We will provide advice and support to parents on detection and treatment. If your child is suspected of having head lice we will inform you and request that you check your child and treat if necessary.

What can I do as a parent to help control infection?

As previously mentioned it is parental responsibility to detect and administer treatment for head lice to their own children. We would like you to check your child for head lice once a week using a nit comb which are available from the local chemist. We understand many children like to wear their hair down but we do request that long hair is tied up to minimise head to head contact in school.

Treating head lice is not a problem. Detection and effective ongoing treatment of head lice is key to reducing the outbreaks.

National Oak Academy

If your child is off school because they are isolating , please follow the link below to access the National Oak Academy. Lessons suitable for each year group are available and it will allow your child to keep learning at home.

Look at your child’s class curriculum letter to find the topics they will be covering this term.