Eagles’ Guess Who?

Below are 5 facts about some of your friends. Can you guess who each one is? Email me your guesses.


1. I enjoy drawing
2. I am often seen wearing a cap 
3. I am into Star Wars
4. I like music
5. I have brown hair.


  1. I’ve travelled to the Arctic Circle.
  2. I love to explore and get my hands dirty.
  3. I’m incredibly social.
  4. I’m a bookworm.
  5. I love camping.


  1. Once won Hemblington’s Got Talent
  2. Plays football for a local youth team
  3. Has been to a music concert in Ipswich 
  4. Watched a premier league game at Old Trafford 
  5. Wants to be an author when grown up.


1. I have long brown hair
2. I have green eyes
3. I have a sister
4. I love Nutella sandwiches
5. I love foxes.


1. I love skateboarding
2. I have two robots
3. I like Star Wars and Doctor Who
4. I’ve met Cressida Cowell and she signed my drawing of a dragon.
5. My favourite animals are penguins and meerkats.


  1. I have two furry pets
  2. I was born at midnight and my parents had to choose which day for my birthday the day before or the day after 
  3. I like gruesome programmes and facts
  4. I’m named after an island
  5. I love and am good at cooking


  1. I am one of the oldest in the class
  2. My favourite subject is History
  3. I have blue eyes
  4. I usually have a packed lunch
  5. I have a cat