Eagles ~ 27/3/20

Eagles, here are your tasks for today.

No extra resources needed for today, but here are some links for you to look at.

This is a newspaper for today, like we use in class. This one comes with other activities; I have given them to you too. There’s other writing tasks and an origami butterfly, which looks lovely!

This is something else that you might be interested in today. Chester Zoo are having a virtual tour all day. It is on Facebook and so you will need to ask an adult for help. Here’s a picture with the details:

Finally for today, these two links have come from parents. Thank you very much!

Cressida Cowell has launched a YouTube channel and here she will be reading a chapter from her bestselling book, How To Train Your Dragon, EVERY day, as well as sharing creativity tips and book recommendations! YouTube – Cressida Cowell.

This one, www.zooniverse.org/projects allows you to join in with research projects, such as looking at webcam photos of places in Africa to help identify the animals.