A message to Kestrels 20.05.20

Dear Kestrels,

This was the week we should have been going off to How Hill. We realise how disappointed you are so we are suggesting a few activities that are similar to the activities that you would have done on the trip.

Pond Habitat:
If you have access to a pond then, with an adult, go pond dipping. Use one of the Identification sheets to discover what lurks beneath the water.
If you cannot get to a pond then try a virtual pond dip with the links below.


Here are two identification sheets for you to use with your pond dipping experience.

Pond Habitat Information:
Learn more about pond life from this reading comprehension and these video clips.



Pond Habitat Activities:

POND LIFE SUPERHEROES – Interesting facts and a creative activity idea.

POND POWER GAME – ‘Top Trumps’ for Pond life.

Garden Habitat:
Explore your garden and observe the wildlife on your doorstep.
Garden Habitat Information:
Learn more about garden wildlife with this PowerPoint, reading comprehension and these video clips.



Here are two identification sheets for you to use in your garden exploration.

Garden Habitat Activities:
MINI WORMERY ACTIVITY – Instructions and essential background information can be accessed from this RHS site:


Here are two creative ideas for you to try.

Weaving: In the evening we suggest a relaxing activity, weaving a bookmark. You need some pieces of wool and a card loom. Follow the ‘how to’ film.

Watching wildlife films is a big part of the time at How Hill. This film shows what happens when honey bees swarm, it was originally made for Swan Class, but might enjoy it too.