Robin Home Learning: 7.5.20

Good morning Robins. Today is the last day of the school week because tomorrow we have a Bank Holiday. May Bank Holidays are usually on a Monday, but this year it has been changed to Friday, so we can all remember and celebrate V.E. Day. V.E. stands for Victory in Europe and seventy five years ago, on 8th May 1945, everyone celebrated the end of World War II in Europe.

We will continue our ‘Really Looking’ Minibeast topic next Monday, but do continue to look for them in your garden over the weekend. If any of you are planning to make the minibeast hotel during the next three days, good luck!

Today, I would like you to work through some activities linked to V.E. Day, so you understand why it is a special day. I would like you to begin by watching a PowerPoint and then complete a comprehension activity. There are three versions of the information sheet, with the first one being the easiest, so select the one that you think suits you best.

Here is a further fact file about V.E. Day, which you can read for further information.

I would now like you to complete a ‘Street Party Diary’ activity. You need to pretend that you are celebrating Victory in Europe Day in 1945. First, read the activity sheet and then write a short diary account on the ‘V.E. Diary Writing Frame’.

Here are some further activities: V.E. Day Word Search, Colour some Union Jack bunting, or create your own design, and make a simple Spitfire aeroplane.

Finally, I have found a few maths activities linked to V.E. Day, which you can complete alongside your ‘White Rose Maths’ tasks. The dot-to-dot activity requires you to count in tens and then you need to create your own calculations for the board game.

I hope you enjoy learning about V.E. Day before ‘celebrating’ tomorrow. There will be programmes on television commemorating the day, which you may choose to watch. Have a lovely weekend with your family and keep looking at the minibeasts living in your garden.