Robin Home Learning: 6.5.20

Good morning Robins. It has been lovely to receive messages this week to the class e-mail, telling me how much you are enjoying learning about minibeasts. I have enjoyed looking at photos of you hunting for minibeasts and recording where you found them. Further, from looking at all the photos of minibeasts, you clearly have lots living in your gardens!

This morning, I would like you to begin to focus on collecting words and phrases that give a clear picture of a minibeast. First, I would like you to read a book of minibeast poems. Please go to the Oxford Owls website (see ‘Useful Links’ section on class page) and read, or listen, to Minibeast Poems, Chosen by John Foster. As mentioned in an earlier blog, before you can read this text, you will need to register on the site, but it is free to use the e-Books. The following images show the logo for the Oxford Owls website and the front cover of this book of poems.

After reading the poems, I would like you to look at some close-up photographs of minibeasts. I have three sets of images for you to look through and I would like you to look carefully at the features of the tiny creatures.

I would now like you to choose your favourite minibeasts and find some blank pieces of paper. Create a word collection for each minibeast, by writing the name in the centre of the page and write a variety of words and phrases around the edge that describe it. For example: Dragonfly – ‘delicate wings like lace’, Caterpillar – ‘spiky hairy tufts’. You can refer back to the photographs again, or re-read the poems if there is one about your minibeast. Remember to decorate each page with drawings of the minibeast and some patterns.

Here is a minibeast counting activity for you to complete, in addition to working through your ‘White Rose Maths’ tasks.

Finally, I am aware that the Minibeast Hotel activity I gave you yesterday was potentially fairly challenging and perhaps you may choose to create it during a weekend, when you have more free time. Here is a shorter craft activity, which I think you may enjoy – create your own Minibeast Pebbles. Here are the instructions, presented as a sheet, or as cards, which show each stage of the process.

The weather is set to be fine and sunny today, so make sure you spend sometime outside hunting for those minibeasts again. Have fun!