Robin Home Learning: 5.6.20

Good morning Robins. Friday is here, so it is the last day of home learning before the weekend. I hope you haven’t found it too difficult getting back to learning activities after the half term holiday.

Today is ‘Challenge Friday’ for your Maths lesson. Please go to the ‘White Rose Maths’ link to find all the challenges and complete as many as you feel you can solve. Good luck!

Your BBC Bitesize English lesson today is called Curly Caterpillar Letters and the Suffix -ly. There are two videos and three activities. For your first activity, you will need to hunt around your house and garden, looking for items that contain curly caterpillar letters. Afterwards, there is an interactive activity when you will match the correct word to the -ly suffix. The final activity will return to . . Ahoy there! Yes, you’ve guessed correctly – our Pirate theme. You will be writing some rules to be the best pirate in the World, aiming to use some joining words, such as and or because and a word which contains the -ly suffix.

The third lesson is Design and Technology and it is all about Packaging. There are two video clips, which demonstrate how food packaging is designed and produced, including some information on the laws which govern this process. You will be watching a team of children designing some packaging for raspberries and find out what labelling and essential information needs to be on food packaging. Afterwards, there are some practical activities when you can look at food packaging in your house and then, with the assistance of an adult, have a go at designing and making your own packaging. There is a link to some 3-D nets, which you may want to use, or adapt for your own choice of shape.

I am now giving you another activity, which you may choose to do in addition to the above, or instead of one of the Bitesize lessons.

On Monday, I mentioned that you would have been learning about the author, Dick King-Smith, if we were in school this term. I also gave you some images of some of the books he wrote, in case you have any at home that you could read. Well today, I am giving you a link to the official website for this author, which contains lots of information about his life and the books he wrote. I would like you to look at this website and do some research, so you can produce a piece of writing about Dick King-Smith and the type of books he wrote. There are two pieces of paper with a box on the first page, so you can draw a picture of him and, if you continue to the second page, the bottom half is blank for a further picture of your own choice. There is a photo below of the author, with images showing one of his most famous books, The Sheep-Pig, which was turned into the film Babe.

I hope you enjoy your home learning today and have a lovely weekend.