Robin Home Learning: 31.3.20

I enjoyed looking at some of the planets you designed yesterday and have posted photos of them in our class gallery.

Today I thought you could write a space story. I am giving you a variety of resources to use, which include: ‘Space genre poster’, which contains a little guidance on writing a space story, ‘Story Mountain’ with the key elements to consider when writing a story, a word mat, writing checklist and five different types of space border paper. Before you begin to plan your story, I suggest you go to the Oxford Owls website (see ‘Useful Links’ section on class page) and read, or listen, to two e-Books in the Age 6-7 section: Red Planet and Captain Comet and the Purple Planet. Before you can read the stories, you will need to register on the site, but it is free to use the e-Books. Remember, think carefully about the words you use and choose some interesting adjectives to make your story exciting. I shall really look forward to reading some of your stories.

New Spellings

These are your new spelling sheets: W/S 1 is for Amber, Esme, Jessica, Meredith and Miles and W/S 2 is for the rest of the class. Good luck with your spelling test for the words you have been practising since last week.

Finally, here are two fun activities. Firstly, to support your White Rose Maths lessons this week on fractions, you can create your own fraction pizza! Secondly, if you have paint and craft materials at home, I have downloaded some instructions to make ‘Hand and Footprint Aliens’.

I am aware that there is quite a lot of work here, so I will post less tomorrow. You can always save some activities for the Easter holiday.