Robin Home Learning: 30.4.20

Good morning Robins. It is hard to believe that it is Thursday and nearly the end of the second week of the Summer Term! Doesn’t time fly!! I do hope that you have all enjoyed the poetry work, as much as I have enjoyed reading the poems which I have received. I have been amazed by the quality of your writing and, in particular, by how skilled you are at writing a rhyming poem.

Today we are going off on a slight tangent before returning to poetry work on Friday. I am giving you some information about sea creatures in the form of a PowerPoint and some fact cards with some questions. After answering the questions, you can choose whether to create a fact file about one of the sea creatures (there are 18 to choose from!), produce a short piece of writing about sea creatures, or complete a word search. There are also some sea creature templates for you to decorate. However, it is up to you how many activities you wish to complete.

By the way, I am giving you this work on sea creatures because it will prove useful when you write your poems on Friday.

Here are two further activities. Firstly, a colouring addition sheet, which you may enjoy completing alongside your ‘White Rose Maths’ activities.

Finally, here are instructions to complete an under-the-sea water colour painting.

I hope you enjoy finding out about sea creatures today. Tomorrow we shall be writing more poems!