Robin Home Learning: 28.4.20

Today I am giving you a range of activities, some of which are linked to the rainbows that many of you have been drawing, to show your support for all our NHS workers. First, here is a rainbow poem for you to read. There are four verses in this poem and lines 2 and 4 rhyme in each verse. It also has a repeating pattern, with each verse beginning with the same words:
A rainbow is a . . . .

After reading the poem, can you write your own rainbow poem. Collect your ideas on a piece of paper before you begin to write. You may want to refer to our amazing NHS workers in your poem. I am giving you some paper with a rainbow logo for your neat version. I have also downloaded an ‘Acrostic writing frame, in case you would like to begin each line with the letters in the word: R A I N B O W.

Here are two rainbow colouring sheets, labelled with the correct colours. The second version has the colours written in French, to help you recall your French lessons. Practise writing the words in French. Can you recall other words you learnt with Mrs Panting?

I would also like you to do some grammar work today, by practising using adverbs. An adverb tells us how something is done, for example:
The boat slowly left the harbour.

Here are your latest spelling sheets. W.S.1 is for Amber, Esme, Jessica, Miles and Meredith and W.S.2 is for the rest of the class.

Finally, for today’s maths task, go to the ‘White Rose Maths’ link on the Home page. Remember, it is not necessary to complete all these tasks. I am aware that some of you are doing a variety of tasks, such as baking or doing a craft activity. Home learning gives you an opportunity to perhaps learn in a different way, but one thing that is still important is to keep reading!