Robin Home Learning: 26.6.20

Good morning Robins. Well, we have certainly had some beautiful sunny weather this week. I hope you have made the most of it, because there is some rain forecast for tomorrow, which the gardens will certainly appreciate. Our garden has needed lots of watering this week!

As in previous weeks, you will be solving your ‘Weekly Maths Challenges’, which you can find via the ‘White Rose Maths’ link, or BBC Bitesize daily lessons. Good luck!

Today’s BBC Bitesize English lesson is the Daily Book Club and you will be listening to extracts from the book Ella Bella Ballerina and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by James Mayhew. There are two videos to watch with a TV presenter, Alex Jones, reading extracts from the book, followed by three activities. You may also need to read the video transcripts, to make sure you can remember what happens in the extracts. For the first activity, you will be ordering the events that take place in the first extract and then answer some questions about extract two for the second activity. Finally, imagine that you have three chances to use magic and think about how you would use them. Write a short summary to describe what you would do.

Your third lesson is French and you will be learning the basics of talking about food and drink in French, by watching one short film and completing two activities. The two verbs that are used a lot with food and drink are manger – to eat and boire – to drink. You begin by practising saying certain phrases, linked to food, drink and meals and use them to fill in some blanks in sentences. To complete the first activity, print off some food cards on a Twinkle worksheet and try to learn and memorise the different words. Afterwards, cut out the cards, shuffle them and try to match them back correctly. Finally, using the same cards, place them face down and then turn them over, aiming to find matching foods. When you turn over a card, say the food out loud to practise your pronunciation.

Here is the link to the BBC Bitesize lessons.

Seaside Holidays in the Past

Today, I would like you to cut out some small pictures of swimming costumes through different time periods and order them on a timeline. Afterwards, write a short report about ‘Seaside Holidays Now and in the Past’ and draw pictures of some of the similarities and differences. There are some ‘Beach Photos’ to help you with this task.

Finally, here is another art activity, which you may be able to complete at home. You will need some sand and some small cups to make a sandcastle model, but you may be able to improvise by using some card to make cups.

I hope you enjoy your home learning today and don’t forget to send any photos of your work to the class e-mail. (
Have a lovely weekend.