Robin Home Learning: 25.6.20

Good morning Robins. I hope you enjoyed the lovely sunny weather yesterday and remembered to use sunscreen when you were outside. I have heard that some of you were using your paddling pools in the garden, so hope you had lots of fun.

Your ‘White Rose Maths’ lessons continue today with comparing mass (weight), so you will be using the words lighter and heavier (see separate blog).

Today’s BBC Bitesize English lesson is called ‘One-armed robot letters’, so you will be focusing on more handwriting practise and finding words that contain these letters. Start by watching a short video, which introduces these letters: r n m b h p k. For Activity 1, you will be finding one-armed robot letters. Draw a chart, with the letters down the side and the columns labelled Food, Toys and Transport. You have to fill the chart with items that contain one-armed robot letters. Afterwards, there is a Bitesize worksheet for you to download – ‘One-armed robot letters’, so you can practise forming each letter. Finally, watch a short video with the author, Cressida Cowell, drawing a character who is called Johnny Tomlinson. Write five sentences, which explain what Johnny Tomlinson looks like, using her sketch as a starting point. Use your imagination to add other features. Make sure you use those one-armed letters in your sentences and some describing words.

Your third lesson today is Design and Technology and is about Food and Nutrition, so you will learn how to construct a balanced diet. During the Autumn Term, you were learning about healthy eating, so I hope you can recall your previous lessons in school. The first video introduces The Eatwell Guide, which is the UK government’s healthy eating model. There are five sections, which contain all the food groups and it shows how much food from each food group is needed to have a well balanced healthy diet. The second video discusses the eight guidelines for healthy eating created by the government. For your first activity, you need to download the Eatwell Plate, which is on a Twinkle worksheet – ‘Healthy Eating Meal’. Cut out the different foods and fill up the plate correctly. Finally, using the Eatwell Plate, think of three meals that would come under a ‘healthy balanced diet’. Make sure you use each food group and portion them correctly.

Here is the link to the BBC Bitesize lessons.

Seaside Holidays in the Past

Here is a comprehension task for you to complete: ‘History of Seaside Holidays’. There are three versions, so choose the one you feel best able to read.

Finally, over the years, many children have watched a Punch and Judy show on the beach. Here is your chance to make a small version!

I hope you have a lovely day. The weather is forecast to be very hot today, so have some fun in your paddling pools, once you have finished some home learning activities.