Robin Home Learning: 25.3.20

I hope you enjoyed looking at the PowerPoints about the first landing on the Moon and writing a newspaper report. There was a lot of information to read, so you may still be working on this task.

I am giving you some English tasks for Wednesday, so you can practice using adjectives, alongside your usual spelling sheets. Spellings 1 is for Amber, Esme, Jessica, Meredith and Miles and Spellings 2 is for the rest of the class.

Afterwards, you can complete a short activity about plants. With the beautiful sunny weather this week, I hope you have spent some time enjoying yourself in the garden looking at plants. Plant talk 1 will give you an opportunity to think about how plants are similar and then choose a plant in your garden to draw and say something about it.

Don’t forget to look at the White Rose Maths website to complete today’s task and spend some time reading a book. However, make sure you also have some fun!