Robin Home Learning: 24.4.20

Well it is now Friday and we have reached the end of our first week after the Easter holiday. During the last couple of days, I have received lots of messages and lovely photos of some ‘Robins’ and their work. I have loved reading the Moon and Star poems that I have received and they will be appearing in our class gallery.

Today I am giving you a poem about Bluebells. The weather has continued to be lovely and sunny this week and I have seen lots of Bluebells whilst walking around my local area. I also have some growing at the back of my garden, including a patch of pink Bluebells!

Can you write your own poem about Bluebells? It could be an Acrostic poem – the word ‘Bluebell’ is written vertically and each line starts with the letter on that line. For example:

B eautiful bells blow in the breeze.
E legant stems bow to the trees.

I am giving you an acrostic writing frame, as well as some bluebell border paper, so you can choose what type of poem you want to write. Remember, before you begin, collect some words to describe Bluebells. If you have some in your garden, have a look and sit outside whilst you think of some words to help you with your writing.

I would also like you to do some sentence work today and practise writing contractions. A contraction is a shortened form of two words, for example, I am becomes I’m and could not becomes couldn’t.

Your Maths work can be found when clicking on the link for White Rose Maths lessons. Good luck with the challenges!

Finally, how about drawing some Bluebells and colour them by either using pencils, or paint. If you don’t have any Bluebells in your garden, perhaps you can see some whilst going for a walk today, or over the weekend. Here are two paintings to inspire you and a photo of the pink Bluebells in my garden.

I hope you enjoy today’s tasks and that you have a lovely relaxing weekend.