Robin Home Learning: 12.5.20

Good morning Robins. I hope you enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a butterfly yesterday and managed to find some caterpillars, or see butterflies in your garden. After completing the comprehension task and creating a booklet about the life cycle of a butterfly, some of you may now be ready to write some poems, so please return to Monday’s home learning blog and read through the poetry work. Remember, it is important to look back at the close-up photographs again and really look at every aspect of the caterpillar or butterfly.

To assist you in thinking of lots of interesting describing words, or phrases, for this poetry work, I am giving you some grammar tasks about adjectives.

Here is a word mat with lists of adjectives, which you may find useful when you are trying to create a word collection.

Here are two photographs of butterflies on flowers for you to practise collecting adjectives to describe the two scenes.

Here are your weekly spelling sheets. W.S.1 is for Amber, Esme, Jessica, Miles and Meredith and W.S.2 is for the rest of the class. However, if you wish to challenge yourself, feel free to practise spelling both lists of words.

Continue with your ‘White Rose Maths’ lessons this week, which focus on adding and subtracting tens and calculating with 2-digit numbers. After watching the teaching video, go to the BBC Bitesize link to find the relevant tasks.

Have a lovely day and enjoy writing some poems.