Robin Home Learning: 1.6.20

Welcome back to home learning Robins after the half term holiday. I hope you have enjoyed your week, whether you have stayed mostly at home, or travelled a little further afield to visit a park or beach. We have been working in our garden, planting some new flowering plants in pots and in the borders. It has been so lovely to have had another sunny week, although it has meant a lot of watering is needed in the garden!

The school has made a decision this week to continue with BBC Bitesize lessons. They cover a range of subject areas, in addition to daily English and Maths lessons, with some fun videos and a variety of activities. Here is the schedule for this week.

As you can see, there are some interesting lessons this week, especially the History and Geography lessons about Gandhi and South America.

Today’s English lesson is called Types of Sentences and you will be learning to use the correct punctuation when writing statement, command, question, or exclamation sentences. There is a short video about a book called ‘Sam Silver: Undercover Pirate’ and you will be writing different types of sentences linked to the book.

The Maths lesson is about the 10 times table and there is another fun song to help you practise, before you use arrays and solve repeated addition and multiplication calculations. During our lessons in school, you were all confident when counting in tens, so I reckon you will sail through this lesson. Afterwards, you could always practise counting forwards and backwards in tens from different numbers.

As mentioned above, the third lesson is History and you will be answering the following question: Who was Mohandas Gandhi? You will learn about his life and achievements by watching a short video and reading through a Twinkle presentation. I found them both interesting and I learnt things I didn’t know about Gandhi. The activities involve ordering the key events of his life and producing a fact file, or poster, all about his life and achievements. There is also a chance to do some further research about this famous leader by looking at a Britannica Digital Learning page.

Here is the link to the BBC Bitesize lessons.

By now, you will have learnt that Mohandas Gandhi was a famous Indian leader. Here is a short Geography activity, so you can locate India on a World map and draw the Indian flag.

You may like to do some further research and find out which animals live in India. To get you started, perhaps the most famous one is the Indian Elephant, which is smaller than the African Elephant. Here are some fun patterned Elephant colouring sheets, which you may prefer to do. Relax and enjoy.

Finally, if we had all been in school this term, you would have been learning about the author – Dick King-Smith, and reading, or listening to me read a range of his books. Here are images of some of these books.

Many of Dick King-Smith’s books are about animals, but a few are about people. The Water Horse is one of my favourites and is about a family living in Scotland, whereas Lady Lollipop is about a spoilt Princess. One of the most famous of Dick King-Smith’s books is The Sheep-Pig, which was turned into a film called Babe. They are great books for children and, if you have any at home, choose one which you would like to read.

Have a lovely day and enjoy getting back to home learning!
I look forward to receiving more photos of you learning at home, or of your work.
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