Robin Home Learning: 1.5.20

Good morning Robins – it is the first day of May and the last month of Spring. I hope you all enjoyed learning about sea creatures yesterday. Today you are going to use your knowledge of sea creatures and your imagination to write some shape poems. I have downloaded a PowerPoint for you to watch, which explains all you need to know to be able to write a shape poem. Basically, the special thing about a shape poem is that the words of the poem form the shape of the object, person or animal that is being described.

After you have watched the PowerPoint, you will need to do a word collection before you start to write any poems. I am giving you a sheet, so you can collect some ‘Under the Sea Rhyming Words’, which will assist you with your word collection.

I am now giving you two sets of shape templates, for you to write some poems. Alternatively, you could create your own shape on a plain piece of paper, which you can then decorate, or use one of the sea creature border sheets below.

Good luck with your Maths Challenge today when you will be working through a series of problems.

Finally, here is a relaxing activity – some under the sea mindfulness colouring sheets.

I hope you enjoy today’s activities and have fun writing some shape poems. Have a lovely weekend with your family with time to relax, play games or venture out for a walk.