Robin Class Photo Gallery, Week Ending: 5.2.21

This was the final week of reading traditional stories. The Robins enjoyed listening to a well-known big book version of Puss-in-Boots and a similar tale from another culture, Jamil’s Clever Cat, which is a folk tale from Bengal. Their work involved sequencing important events from Puss-in-Boots and describing the setting of the story, describing the three main characters from Jamil’s Clever Cat and drawing a picture of the setting and, finally, writing their own version of a clever cat story. Here are some photos of their work.

While reading the traditional stories from different cultures, written by Fiona French and Joanna Troughton, we enjoyed looking at the colourful patterns that the authors used to decorate their stories, in particular the end pages. Here are scans of three of the end pages from the following books: Lord of the Animals, Jamil’s Clever Cat and Anancy and Mr Dry-Bone.

Some of the Robins created their own colourful border patterns and end pages for an Art lesson and used them to decorate their Clever Cat stories. Here are some photos.

The Robins have also enjoyed other lessons – Maths, Geography (settlements), Science (absorbency of materials and stars/constellations), PSHE (friendship flowers), Phonics and Handwriting. Imogen and her sister enjoyed some baking at home, making cakes and croissants, and there is a photo of them visiting the woods. Here are the photos.

Since last week, we have all had a lot of snow! I have received lots of great snow day photos and I will create a separate Snow Day Gallery.

Mrs Brownsey