Robin Class Photo Gallery, Week Ending: 26.2.21

The Robins returned to school on Monday after their half term holiday. On Monday, we had a Google Meet when the children chatted about some of the activities they had enjoyed. Here are some photos showing a few of the children enjoying their week, including one of Mia and her new tortoise, which she showed us during our GM. Imogen enjoyed visiting the woods and seeing some Spring flowers, whereas Mason celebrated his seventh birthday with a yummy cake and James created a fantastic Kenyan mask and patterned collars.

Online learning resumed on Monday and the Robins continued to learn about life in Kenya. They created their banner page for the topic and used information sheets to find out about different aspects of living in Kenya. They found out about home life, looking at photos of different homes in cities and in the country, and about the types of food and mealtimes in Kenya. Here are some photos of this work.

The Robins enjoyed listening to an African folktale – Tortoise’s Dream, by Joanna Troughton, which features many of the wild animals living in Kenya. It is about a tortoise who dreams of a tree, which grows all the fruits of the earth. The animals laugh at him, but they seek the help of Grandmother Koko, one after another. She tells them the name of the tree – Omumbo-rombonga, but they must not look around as they return. The only one who succeeds is Tortoise and the tree appears. The children sequenced the animals’ journeys and wrote briefly about the story. Here are photos of their work.

Towards the end of the week, the Robins completed some pattern work, including colouring some African pattern sheets. Here are some photos of this work, including George and his sister colouring together.

The Robins seemed to enjoy their Statistics work for Maths last week, especially creating a block graph at the end of the week, to represent the most popular ice cream flavours. Here are some photos of this work.

Finally, here’s a selection of photos from other subjects – including French words for clothes, Geography – using map symbols and writing a key, PSHE – kindness buckets and Imogen’s plants and her story of The Faraway Story ‘The Rainbow Land’.

Well done to all the Robins for working so hard at home and producing some great pieces of work. Next week we will be back in school and learning in the classroom. It will be good to be able to share our learning in the same room once again!

Mrs Brownsey