Robin Class Photo Gallery, Week Ending: 12.3.21

The Robins had a great first week back at school, after two months of home schooling. It was lovely to be back in the classroom and for the children to be learning together once again. They all settled well and were soon ready to focus on their work.

We began by chatting about their time during lockdown, when they shared various experiences of completing their school work at home. Certificates were also awarded to those children who participated in the World Book Day challenges. Here are two photos.

It was British Science Week, so they were able to listen to some Zoom presentations by several scientists about electricity and sound. Following on from their work on Materials during lockdown, we carried out an investigation about waterproof materials. The children were given a number of resources: card, paper, foil, plasticene and tape, with the aim of making a waterproof boat, which also floated. Here are some photos, which show the children making their boats and then testing them using a tray of water.

After testing their boats, the children made several conclusions. The shape of the boat was important and foil was the best waterproof material. Some of the boats had plasticine placed in them at one end, which made them sink. A plasticine boat was waterproof and would float, as long as it resembled a boat shape! Card and paper absorbed water and became soggy.

Later in the week, the children learnt about a famous scientist – Charles Macintosh, who invented a waterproof fabric. This was used to make a raincoat – the Mackintosh, commonly known as a Mac! The Robins carried out another investigation, by testing five different materials, to see which were waterpoof.

Alongside their Science activities, the Robins managed to complete their Maths work on 2D and 3D shapes and continue with their topic on Kenya, learning about different types of transport, or moving around the country. One of their PE lessons had an African theme and the photos below show them working on a farm in groups.

Finally, during their Art lesson, the Robins produced these beautiful Mother’s Day cards.

Well done to all the Robins for working hard and being ready to learn.

Mrs Brownsey