Robin Class Photo Gallery, Week Ending: 12.2.21

The Robins enjoyed the last week of Spring 1 because there were lots of snow days! The photos are in a separate gallery, showing the children with the snowmen they built, sledging and generally just having lots of fun. I was amazed by the size of many of the snowmen and the vast number of icicles on Amelie’s house. Well done also to the Robins who managed to find animal footprints in the snow – very good detective work!

During the week, the children also did a little writing about the snow, by collecting some extended noun phrases to describe it and writing some French sentences. Here are some of the photos of their work.

The Robins enjoyed beginning their new topic about Kenya. They began by watching a couple of Powerpoints about the continents and oceans of the World before looking at a map of the continent of Africa to locate the country of Kenya. The children then watched a further Powerpoint, which gave them an introduction to the country and a short BBC film. Their tasks included labelling a World map, a map of Kenya, completing a boarding pass and passport, drawing pictures and writing sentences about four different types of landscape in Kenya, recording two facts they had learnt and colouring their own Kenyan flag. Well done to the Robins for beginning this work with such enthusiasm and producing some lovely pieces of work. Here are the photos.

The Robins also enjoyed beginning a new Maths unit on Statistics by learning about tally charts and pictograms. In addition to watching their teaching videos and completing worksheets, this also involved collecting some information in the house, or whilst going on a walk. Here are some of the photos I received.

Finally, here are some photos showing other work completed by the Robins. Imogen created a safety poster, whereas Josh produced a detailed map of his local area.

Theo and Cameron enjoyed creating a space exploration timeline.

Here are a few photos of some phonics work, joined handwriting and James holding his spelling test.

Well Robins, I hope you have all had a lovely half term with a whole week away from learning online! I shall look forward to chatting to you on Monday morning and hearing about some of the activities you have been doing at home or in your garden, or about places you’ve walked to in your local area.

Mrs Brownsey