Robin Class Photo Gallery, 7 June – 16 July 2021

Well it is very nearly the end of the school year, so here are a selection of photos for the second half of the Summer Term. The Robins have enjoyed lots of activities, which have included watching our plants grow in our outside area and gymnastics in the hall, when they were practising high and low movements and making bridges.

Here are some photos of the children drawing pictures of plants growing in the Environmental Garden, when they were learning about Living Things and their Habitats, which was one of their Science topics this term. I have also included some photos of a group of children in the garden.

The Robins have enjoyed their PE lessons this term. They have been doing athletics with Mrs Patterson on a Wednesday afternoon and Gymnastics with me in the hall on a Friday morning.

For Olympic Week, all classes learnt about a country, which will participate in the Olympics and counted their daily mile and all exercise towards a school total to reach Tokyo in Japan. Robins learnt more about our nearest neighbour, the country of France. During the week, the children did some art work linked to Japan. They looked at some photos of the famous Cherry blossom trees and created one using tissue paper.

The children enjoyed making their Father’s Day cards, especially as we returned to the theme of the Moon and they made a card, which featured a rocket.

The Robins enjoyed practising in preparation for the Bucket Beats performance at Norwich Cathedral and were disappointed when the trip was cancelled due to current restrictions. However, they were still able to join in online and here are some photos of them playing their buckets.

Some of our Maths’ lessons this term involved learning about measuring length, mass and capacity. The Robins used rulers and metre sticks to measure objects in the classroom, scales to measure the mass (weight) of a variety of things and litre jugs to find out the capacity of various containers. Here are some photos of the children on the playground with buckets/bowls of water.

At the end of June, the Robins joined in online with two Sing Up events, which proved to be a lot of fun.

Our Geography and History topics this term have involved learning about The Seaside and Seaside Holidays in the Past. The children enjoyed watching some Magic Grandad programmes, which were lots of fun and taught them more about Victorian seaside holidays. Later our class helper, Mrs Yaxley, came in to talk about her holidays during the 1950s and she brought in some books and photos.

Sports Day finally took place last Wednesday and the whole school sat outside in their bubbles to support each other. Here are some photos of them practising and then participating in their races.

Last week, the Robins enjoyed listening to stories about The Killer Cat, by Anne Fine. On Thursday, we had a drama lesson when the children pretended to move around the garden like Tuffy, the cat, and then did some hotseating in groups, when one of them pretended to be Tuffy and the others asked some questions. Here are some photos.

On Friday, there were two assemblies. First, Mr Shingles and two members of the Eco-Council presented an interesting presentation about the different sources of energy, some of which were more environmentally friendly. Just before lunchtime, there was a whole school assembly on the playing field to present the cup to the winning team of Sports Day, which was Blue, and the Year 6 children were given their Leaver’s sweat tops.

There are now only two and a half days left of this term, which will be busy, but also more relaxing. Most of the teaching has now been completed, so the Robins can enjoy a little more Golden Time for their last few days in Robin Class!

It will also be my last week as a teacher at Hemblington Primary School. I have very much enjoyed my time at the school, which has seen many changes over the years – the number of classes, building work, which created new areas within the school, new staff, etc. I am looking forward to more free time and hopefully with opportunities for some trips away during term time! However, I intend to keep in touch with the school and my fellow colleagues, who are also my friends. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all the many parents, whose children I have taught over the past twenty years. It has been a privilege to teach your children and watch them develop and gain confidence in their own abilities. Thank you especially to the present Robin Class, who have been such a super group of children to teach.

Mrs Brownsey