Robin Class Photo Gallery, 4 – 28 May 2021

As we reach the end of the half term holiday, I hope that all the Robins and their families enjoyed a relaxing week and made the most of the beautiful sunny weather. It was so lovely to spend time outside, going for walks, or just being in the garden.

Here are some photos of the Robins, taken during the four weeks before half term: working in the classroom to produce some block graphs about favourite seaside activities, spending time outside doing some Maths activities, or playing rounders and running the daily mile, and learning to folk dance in the school hall. I have also included some photos of the children’s bean and sunflower plants.

The children took their bean and sunflower plants home before half term, so I hope they are continuing to grow well. Some sunflower plants stayed at school, so we can watch them grow outside the classroom. Elizabeth’s pumpkin plant is growing well and has been repotted during the holiday. It will now continue to grow in our outside area.

Well done to all the Robins for working so hard, particularly when completing some assessment tasks during the last week of half term. This coming half term, they will be learning about the seaside and seaside holidays in the past. We will also have a busy couple of weeks practising our bucket beats, in preparation for joining in with a performance at Norwich Cathedral on 21st June. It should be a fun half term and let’s hope the sun continues to shine.

Mrs Brownsey