Robin Class Photo Gallery, 12 – 30 April 2021

The Robins have had a busy three weeks back in school after the Easter holiday. Due to the lockdown, some of our topics were postponed until the Summer Term, one of which was Two Famous Nurses: Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell. They have all enjoyed this work and can now talk with confidence about why these nurses were famous. Whilst learning about Florence Nightingale, they took part in three drama lessons, which involved freeze frame images, when they pretended they were injured soldiers in the Crimean War, or cleaning Scutari Hospital. Here are some photos.

The children also pretended they were in a boat travelling to the Crimea and afterwards worked in small groups to create a talking poster, asking for volunteers to travel with Florence to nurse the injured soldiers. Here are further photos.

Our Science topic about Growing Plants was also delayed until the beginning of the Summer Term. During the first week, the children planted Sunflower seeds with Mrs Caldwell and they have begun to record their growth in a booklet, with photographs to show how how they are growing. Here are some photos.

The following photos show the Robins completing a Maths worksheet, reading books and playing Connect 4. Many thanks to Elizabeth’s parents, who gave this game to the class/school. The photos show the children reading whilst they were waiting for their turn to play the game. It has been a real success and the Robins have had lots of fun playing against each other.

Our PE lessons have involved learning some folk dances and so far, the Robins have performed the following: Clap and Tap, All at Sea and Hold On. The dances are quite energetic, but I wait with baited breath for the final dance – The Snowball, which always proves to be very challenging! It involves performing a star with four children, a Dosey Doe and casting off, with the formation of an arch! Here are some photos showing the nautical All at Sea dance.

Finally, the Robins completed their Kenyan animal puppets, with the assistance of Miss Barrett, Mrs Caldwell and myself. Their designs included a few additional details, such as a striped skirt and handbag! The puppets are now on display on a string across the classroom. Here are some photos of the children making their puppets and showing them on display.

Many thanks to all the parents who have provided some plants for our outside area. We should certainly have a good display of flowers during the Summer Term.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend and managed to get out and see family, or visit a local attraction, now we are able to meet up outdoors.

Mrs Brownsey