Robin Class News: 9.10.20

This week, the Robins have focused on feelings during their English lessons, in particular things that make them feel happy, or sad.

These are the books we read:

The themes of these books included being ignored, sharing, the importance of friendship and being different. During their drama lesson, the children began with a trust activity, when they had to guide their partner, who had their eyes closed, around the hall. They did this very carefully and they all said that their partner made them feel safe. Here are a few photos:

Afterwards, they listened to the story A Friend for Little Bear, which is about a bear on a small island who realised how important his friend, the wooden horse, is after he nearly loses him. The children created freeze frame statues to show how the bear felt when he lost his friend and then when he found him again. Here are further images, which show their statues:

In Science, we were discussing the different food groups and creating a food pyramid. Here are a few photos of this activity:

I hope you have managed to access your child’s email and have received an invite to the Robin Class Google Classroom.  The classroom will be used if we have to close our class, or go in to full lock down.  I shall continue to post photos on the school website with some class news, but Google Classroom will allow me to send a message to the children and give them any feed back on their work.  

This coming week beginning 12th October, the children will receive their first set of spellings, which I shall send as a worksheet.  They will also bring home a notebook, which they can use to practise their spellings.  I shall also put a copy of the spellings in the Google Classroom.

During the next couple of days, I will be sending out all the invitations to the online Parents’ Meetings.

Mrs Brownsey