Robin Class News: 8.11.20

After half term, the Robins enjoyed getting back to school and continuing with their new History topic – First Landing on the Moon. In our Drama lesson, they pretended to be astronauts who were getting ready to go on the first mission to the Moon, so they had to practise being weightless. To do this, we had the large parachute out in the hall, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Here are some photos.

We also thought about the spectators, who watched Apollo 11 launch on 16th July 1969 – the journalists and cameramen, other spacemen, who were the friends of the three astronauts going to the Moon, and the many children who watched with their families, or classes. Here are some photos showing the children working in small groups to take on these roles.

The children have completed some beautifully illustrated pieces of work, including their front page for the topic. Here are photos of their work.

On Friday, we combined our PE lesson with Science, to think about the importance of exercise in order to keep healthy. The children completed a series of activities: stretching, skipping, hopping, star jumps, running on the spot and in and out of cones, bouncing and catching a call and, finally, they ran around the track outside. We talked about how they felt before and after doing some exercise, for instance, they felt hotter and they were breathing faster. In the classroom, we recorded some thoughts on the board before break. Here are some photos of some of their activities in the hall and standing in the sunshine having completed everything.

Shortly after completing this lesson, the news came that the school had to close due to two positive cases of coronavirus that had just been confirmed. So we are now back to online learning until 19th November. I shall be putting lessons for the children in the Robin Google Classroom while we are closed, but please keep in touch. The class e-mail is:

I would like to hear how the children are getting on with their work and receive some photos. Following Miss Collier’s recent e-mail, the Year 2 children no longer need to self-isolate, so you will be able to get out for walks and bike rides. It has been a lovely sunny weekend, so let’s hope that continues into this coming week. Take care and keep safe.

However, just before I finish, I must give you one more photo. On Thursday, I finally put up a display of the children’s Houses of Parliament paintings in the style of the artist Claude Monet, who they have been learning about in their Art lessons.

I think you will agree with me that they have produced some excellent pieces of artwork!

Very best wishes
Mrs Brownsey