Robin Class News: 2.10.20

Robin Class had another busy week. As part of the whole school assessment of writing, the children completed a writing task about a Castle in the Sky, which they really enjoyed. After a shared collection of interesting words, they all used their imagination to write a short story. They particularly enjoyed drawing their own pictures of the castle, with a ricketty bridge leading to it.

On Wednesday, we went out onto the field and they had fun playing in the new wooden boat and running around the track. Here are some photos of these activities.

In their French lesson, the children were learning to count. These photos show Mrs Panting holding up the words for them to repeat.

On Friday, the children had another fun session with balloons in PE. It was their second dance lesson, which involved lots of inflating and deflating movements, floating and bouncing around the hall, before a bursting movement, to show the balloon popping! I demonstrated the popping by overfilling a balloon with air (using a pump), but it was the first time that I’ve seen one go into so many pieces! As you can imagine, I had to get a broom from the kitchen to sweep up all the bits before we could continue. At the end of the lesson, they had fun playing with the balloons. Here are some photos.

Robin Class ended the week with a well-being session with Mr Newson, when they were learning about the importance of exercise to keep healthy. Here are further photos of this activity, which involved going out onto the playground for some exercise!

Mrs Brownsey