Robin Class News: 25.09.20

Thank you to all the parents who attended the ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting last Wednesday.

As mentioned at the meeting, the children have settled well into their new class routines, since the beginning of term. Each morning, they enter the classroom happily, wash their hands, although they still need a reminder at times, and then sit at their table to complete a morning task. For these tasks, they may collect some words, to practise some phonemes they have been learning, or do some number work. They have their own named folder with pencils, rubber, whiteboard and pen and try-pad.

Here are some photos of them during an English lesson, taken last week.

Last week, they were practising words containing long vowel phonemes and their tasks revolved around the following story about a fox who has to move home, because the land around her is being developed for new houses. Here are some photos of the book and a couple of pieces of work.

They all did some super work and were awarded their first English target, for starting a sentence with a capital letter and ending it with a full stop and some of them also used some connecting words to link two parts of a sentence together.

Maths lessons have focused on place value, so they have been learning to recognise a two-digit number with various representations, such as using tens’ grids, base 10, or bundles of straws.

They have also created a design during Computing lessons with their name in the middle of the page, begun to learn some French and thought about their learning, by discussing the Brain and watching a few shorts films. Here are a few further photos of some of this work on display.

Most weeks, the children will have a short drama lesson. This week, we used a lovely story, After the Storm, by Nick Butterworth. The children created some freeze frame images of how the animals felt when their tree had blown down and then when they had new homes in another tree. Here are a couple of photos of the images that the children created.

Finally, the children have enjoyed their Art work, for they have begun a short study of a famous artist – Claude Monet. They will be creating their own impressionist painting of the Houses of Parliament, which will take several weeks to complete. Photos will be posted once they are on display on the large board in the classroom.

Mrs Brownsey