Swan News

Thank you to the 5 families who entered the ‘Family Book Quiz’, you all did so well that I decided to give all the entrants a prize. Please check the book bags.

This week was Science Week and the children enjoyed some fantastic activities. The RSPB visited on Tuesday and the children did an activity where they looked at the school environment for areas that are good for wildlife. The RSPB worker was very impressed with the knowledge the children already had, I felt very proud of them.

On Wednesday the children met two volunteers from Hodmedod’s Hedgehog Support. They talked to the children about how to help hedgehogs and how to make their garden hedgehog friendly.

On Thursday, the children had a discussion about nests. They really are so knowledgeable and very inquisitive. We looked at a Long-tailed Tit nest and then tried to make a nest. The children quickly realised how hard it is, and they could use their hands.

We also did an experiment that showed why soap is so important when washing hands. There are some great experiments on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_MuUChgEFQ I would be cautious trying the soap in a microwave experiment!

In Maths we measured in centimetres and in English we looked at verbs and what happens when we use the past tense.

Show and Tell: Wildlife and habitats, nests, soap