Swan News 4th October

This week we welcomed Mrs Buckley to our class. She is doing a PGCE course at UEA and doing a placement at our school. I am really looking forward to working with Mrs Buckley and she is excited about working with Swans.

Thank you for signing up for Parents Meetings. We will discuss how your child has settled into Swan Class and you will be able to ask any questions you have.

This week in Maths the children used balance scales to weigh in grams, the children were adding up numbers like 20g+20g+5g+2g using a 100 square to help them. They also used their knowledge of number pairs to 10 to solve real life problems involving weight, eg Josh had 4g of sand, how many more grams did he need to make 10g.

In writing the children are being taught to write sentences that include a capital letter, finger spaces, full stop, correctly formed letters and written on the line. The children wrote a short story about a lost teddy.

The weekly guided reading is really having an impact on the children’s reading, we use the time to teach reading skills and the children are becoming much more confident readers. Daily practise at home also makes a big difference.

In Science we are learning about our body, naming parts of the body and what they do.

A real highlight of the week is our Thursday German lesson with Ms Townshend, the children are learning german numbers, greetings and they can speak short sentences in german very confidently.

Show and Tell- Autumn, Harvest, our body, or news of your weekend.