Swan News

The children worked on positional language in Maths this week. They used words like on, under, next to, between, beneath etc to describe the position of a toy. We also used directional words such as half turn, left and right to give instructions for movements. This work can be practised out of school, using positional words when tidying up or setting the table, or taking turns to give instructions by using directional words when walking home.

In English the children have been using adjectives to describe objects. They used them in their story writing to make their sentences more interesting and they looked for them in the text during shared reading. This can be done at home with their home reading books. Explore how many adjectives can be used to describe an object. For example, I saw a dog, a big dog, a big brown dog, a big brown scruffy dog……

In Science we described different papers, using adjectives, and we talked about the different uses of paper. We used words such as opaque, translucent and transparent.

In History we started our drama session, being Mary Anning. The children are learning a lot of facts about this significant figure in history. The children produced some very detailed charcoal drawings of fossils to make a fossil filled cliff.

Show and Tell can be worked linked to any school learning.