Swan News 3.10.20

Show and Tell worked really well this week. Show and Tell is part of Swan Class home learning and is set instead of formal homework. Show and tell is about sharing the learning that we do at school with home, it helps build the confidence of the children by showing their work in front of the class and it also helps with speaking and listening.The children stood at the front of the class and presented their work to the class very confidently.

Please send show and tell emails to


by 8pm on the evening before your child’s day. Newt-Monday, Frog-Tuesday, Butterfly-Wednesday, Dragonfly-Thursday.

The children love to see their work on the big screen, so please help them to join in.

Our other regular homework is reading. Please listen to your child read everyday. In Swan Class, the children who are making best progress in reading are the ones who read regularly at home. I hope you found the reading video useful. Please let me know if there are any other areas of learning that you would like information on.

As well as assessments taking place this week, we also enjoyed lots of learning.

In computing we used a drawing programme, Textease Paint. The children explored all the different tools and the marks they can make. We will be producing lots of computer art in the next few weeks.

In PE we did some team building work with our huge parachute. The children loved it and it certainly helped them to work together.

The children loved following Isla’s instructions on how to make a windsock and were desperate to take them home even though they looked so attractive decorating the classroom!

We are busy setting up Google Classrooms at school. Google Classroom will be used for setting homework and home-school learning, instead of posting this on the website class page. I will email you your child’s email address and password once I have set up the classroom.

I have tried to find a video that explains this and the following one is the most suitable, just ignore the part about PowerSchool and grades.

Finally, I will have a clipboard available each morning and afternoon this week for you to sign up for a Google Meet parent consultation. I’m hoping to do them on the afternoons of Tuesday 20th, Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd. Appointments will be no longer than 10 minutes but will be in 15 minute slots to allow me to switch from one meeting to another.

Sorry for so much info, have a good weekend.