Swan News 27th September

We had an exciting week in Swans! Pizza Express, baking and rugby with some Maths and English fitted in when possible.
We linked our Maths to the baking and investigated weight. We discussed the language of weight and looked at how many grams of each ingredient we needed in our recipes. Next week we will use balance scales to weigh items in the classroom.
We discussed information texts and made a poster to advertise our Macmillan Coffee Morning and also a thank you poster for Pizza Express.
In Computing we began a unit on coding, I normally begin this later in the term but the children have learnt their new computing skills very quickly.

The children behaved extremely well on their trip and the minibus worked very well. I will be planning further outings for later in the year. Photos of the trip are on the Swan Gallery page.

I will put out an appointment sheet on Monday, ready for the Parent’s Meeting on Monday 7th October. If you are unable to come on that day please see me after school.

Thank you for being so helpful in the mornings, with all the reception and Y1 children coming in to the cloakroom we really can’t see parents as well. I am usually outside at 8:40am if you need to see me or Mrs Long will take messages at the door.

Show and Tell: Harvest, Autumn or weighing.