Swan News 26.09.20

Thank you to all the parents who attended the ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting on Monday. I hope the pack of information was useful, please keep this at home, it doesn’t need to be returned.

We had another great week, guided reading is going really well and I am already seeing the confidence of the children grow. I will be making a video this week of how I listen to readers and I will post it on the website.

The children enjoyed making skeletons and were naming some of the bones too.

In Science we tried our hardest to explore our five senses without breaking COVID guidelines. We played a great game of guess the sound (the link is at the bottom of this page), we played guess the smell using ginger, lime, rosemary, vinegar and marmite! Two children identified ginger which really impressed me, nobody said lime but a few children said washing-up liquid which made sense. Marmite of course lead to a love it/hate it discussion. We couldn’t do a guess the taste, perhaps try that at home. Lemon always gives a great reaction and holding the child’s nose as they taste items makes the game more fun.

I have been thinking of how we can do show and tell. Mr Fowler suggested doing an online version which sounds like the perfect solution. Instead of a memory stick, please email pictures or work to hp-swanclass@yare-edu.org.uk

The days will be Newt group Monday, Frog group Tuesday, Butterfly group Wednesday and Dragonfly group Thursday. Your child should know what group they are in but you can check with me at hometime if necessary. Please email the work by 8am on the morning of the child’s day.

Show and Tell should link to the work we are doing in class, or if you have had a special day out or an event in your family.