Swan News 18.10.20

Sorry for the late news, I have been preparing for the parent meetings next week.

I understand that the Swans made a fantastic effort for the Harvest Day. I enjoyed looking at the photos.

Next week we will celebrate Apple Day on Wednesday and we will be making an apple bird feeder. If you are able to bring an apple to school that would be great. If not don’t worry I will bring extra.

Also the Friends of Hemblington are organising a dare to be different day. For a 50p donation children can wear something different to school. I will have to rummage in our dressing up clothes!

This week we finish at 1:30pm on Wednesday. Dragonfly group can do their show and tell on Wednesday instead of the usual Thursday. An activity that they might enjoy doing for show and tell is ‘who can make the longest apple peel’ using a peeler to peel an apple without the peel breaking. I will do this at school on Wednesday morning.

Google Classroom seems to be working for most of you. If you haven’t signed in yet, or are having problems let me know. If you have more than one child in school make sure you log out of their account before logging on to the swan classroom as it seems to confuse accounts.

Parent meetings. These are all booked and you should have your invite. Please be ready at your allotted time and I will then let you in to the meeting. Please be aware that the meetings can not run over the given time.

This half term has flown by, thank you for all for being so supportive during these tricky times. I look forward to speaking to you online.