Swan News 13.12.20

Apologies for the very late Swan News, I really am burning the midnight oil!

Hopefully we can have a more relaxing week this week. Calendars are made, the children have made their Christmas card, the Nativity (so lovely!) has been performed and filmed, the YET performance has been recorded, Santa has been and the Bring your parent to school Christmas craft has been organised!

If you have not seen the EDP story about Santa’s visit the link is below. It was amazing to see the children’s faces as they saw the carriage come along Mill Road.


Not surprising that the children are getting tired and are ready for the end of term, and what a term it has been. So many changes to ‘normal’ school but the children have coped very well due to your amazing support. Thank you so much for all you have done as parents, it makes such a difference to have supportive parents.

We will end the week with the Cygnet and Swan Class Christmas party. The children will make a party hat to wear and will already be in non-uniform as it is the last day. We will provide all the entertainment and refreshments.