Swan News 10.10.20

I hope you have all received your parent meeting appointment emails. Please bear with me, all these new ways of working take time to get used to! I will send out more information next week on how the meetings will run.

I hope you have also managed to access your child’s email and have received an invite to the Swan Class Google Classroom. The classroom will be used if we have to close our class or go in to full lock down. Unlike the school website, Google Classroom allows me to send a message to the children, giving feed back on their work.

The assessments I did last week showed that quite a lot of the class were struggling to read the high frequency tricky words, these are words that can not be easily sounded out but are often seen in books. I am currently making some games that will be fun to play but will also help with instant recognition of these words. When the games are ready I will pop them in the book bags and they can played at home and returned the following week.

Show and tell continues to be very successful, please send it to me the night before your child’s show and tell day. This week some of the children talked about their favourite book, so this week photos of your child with their favourite book, some writing or a drawing about the book or a video of them reading the book would be great. I will use the work to make a display in the classroom.

The children were getting tired this week, a full day at school really tires them out and I’m sure you get the repercussions at home. Only a week and half to go until they can recharge their batteries!