Swan Class Welcome

We are getting ready to welcome our new Swans and we can’t wait to see all the children.

We know that the children have been away from school for a long time and they are probably feeling a range of emotions from excitement through to being nervous. We are feeling the same but together we will help the children to settle back into school and enjoy fun learning.

Cygnets and Swans are making a ‘super bubble’ so the children will still have access to the opportunities offered by EYFS as well as the year 1 curriculum, but our priority is the well being of the children.

Please watch the video ‘Hemblington Wider Re-opening September 2020’ for all the information on how school will be in September.

We would normally hold a ‘Meet the teacher’ session after a few days of the children starting school but that will have to be put on hold for a while. Instead a brief introduction about the staff working with your children.

Sophie Goodson, teaching Monday to Thursday and Elizabeth Kemp on Friday. We have been teaching for 30 years but we are as enthusiastic now as we were back in the 90s!!

Mrs Davies will be supporting us, as well as support from specialist PE teachers Mrs Cargill and Mrs Patterson, and Mrs Moore, our music teacher.

The children will need to bring their book bag containing their reading book everyday and a water bottle. Please check book bags every day as we put letters in these bags.

PE is planned for Wednesday (we won’t do PE on the 9th September and I will let you know about the 10th) and Thursday and the children will need to come into school wearing their PE kit. A tracksuit or leggings and sweatshirt will help the children keep warm and a pair of trainers will be the more practical than plimsols. These items can be any colour, any make and any brand BUT they must be named! In fact please name every item of clothing and the water bottle. Children get very upset when they can’t find their belongings and teachers get very upset looking for un-named items!

We will use the website to give you weekly news and also to pass on important messages so please check it regularly. A Hemblington School app is available for smart phones. We are sure that most of you are in a class social media group too, these are great for getting information shared but PLEASE if there is a problem come into school and talk to us first, we are the ones who can help and small issues can sometimes get out of hand when discussed on WhatsApp. Also please remember, we are human, we make mistakes like everyone else and when we are dealing with 28 little people and trying to remember lots of information, we do sometimes get it wrong.

We also have a class email, hp-swanclass@yare-edu.org.uk, this was set up during school closure and was great for sharing the children’s achievements at home. We will not be checking the email regularly, unless we have asked for specific items/information to be sent to us, so please use the office email if you have to send a message to us.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all soon,

Swan Class Teachers