Cygnet News

w/e 16.06.23

This week in phonics we are learning to read and write words containing 2 letters making one sound “th” eg this and that. We are learning to read the new sight words there, their and these which all start with a “the” pattern. We listened to the whole of the Surprising Sharks book and thought of questions about sharks we would like answered. The children enjoyed listening to and joining in with Julia Donaldson’s Tiddler. We learned a new song 5 Little Fishes Swimming in the Sea. The children enjoyed investigating the sea theme in dance with Caroline. They moved their bodies making big waves, little waves and ripples. Hugo’s Dad is a geo physicist and he came and talked to the children about his work interpreting images of the sea bed. We learned about oil rigs, computerised robots which take pictures of the sea bed, and that the sea gives us oil, gas and wind power. One of the children guessed that the 3D picture of a ship was the Titanic. We continued our learning about the environment when we went to Hemblington Church for the environmental day. The children enjoyed the bus journey, mini beast hunting, looking at features of the church building, leaf rubbing and planting a sunflower seed. Some of the children had not been on a bus before and therefore particularly enjoyed this. For some children their favourite part was planting a seed because they like growing things. When we got back to school we had our lunch outside on picnic rugs which was fun. We looked for signs of growing and changing in the school environment and saw mini beasts, birds and a rabbit. We have been looking after our seedlings and observing their growth. We learned about the life cycle of a frog, butterfly and seed.

In maths we have been learning about sharing quantities into different groups sometimes 2 or 3 groups. Sometimes the groups have equal amounts, are the same and fair and sometimes they are not equal. We did lots of sharing activities

In PE we are practising ball skills. This week our theme was busy bees and we practised stopping a rolling ball.

We made our own instruments out of recycled materials.