Cygnet News

w/e 05.05.23

This week in our phonics we have been reading and writing words where 2 letters make one sound “ch” eg in chin and such. We read and illustrated our fruit salad recipes which we made last week.

Our well being was high when we witnessed the miracle of a baby chick hatch in the incubator in the Year 1 classroom. Mrs Goodson set up a camera and we were able to check in periodically and watch a tiny hole on an egg change into a crack and then a chick emerging from the shell. The children were full of awe. The children were very calm around the older chicks as they held them on their laps. We read “Dora’s Eggs” by Julie Sykes and we put together a story box with puppets and props for the children to retell the story. The caterpillars are getting longer and fatter. The children enjoyed listening to and joining in with the Cygnet favourite “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle and adding their observations to the caterpillar diary.

In maths we learned about shapes and played games matching 2 and 3D shapes and models.

In PE we have been learning about jumping and landing safely from a height by bending our knees.

On Friday the children enjoyed learning about the Coronation and had fun making crowns with parents and families. Some of the children stayed to enjoy a picnic tea with their families on the field.