Cygnet News

w/e 17.03.23

This week in maths we have been learning about 3D shapes and patterns. We investigated shapes that have flat faces and curved faces to decide which would be easiest for us to stack. We sorted shapes into groups of cylinders, cuboids, spheres and cones. We read the Pattern Fish by Trudy Harris and investigated the patterns in the illustrations. We used resources in the classroom to make our own patterns some with repeating colours and some with repeating sizes.

In Phonics we have been continuing our learning to read and write words with the consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant pattern (ccvc) eg trip, twin and dress. We thought about all the wonderful things our Mums do for us. We made cards and wrote our messages in our very best writing.

In Astro Girl we looked at the picture of her bedroom to work out more information about her interests. She has lots of space toys, books and a telescope. We talked about the things that are special to us. We learned about volcanoes from Dr Johnstone. We played a communication game about the roles of people when a volcano erupts eg police, media, government, farmers and fishermen, hospitals and schools and scientists. The children were very engaged as the disaster enfolded. They asked lots of questions about volcanoes and we learned that there are mud, ice and water volcanoes. When we got back to class some of the children were inspired to use their creativity to paint ready to erupt and erupting volcanoes. We learned about Space from Mike. He told us about the Space Race with Russia and America trying to get to the moon first. He told us about starts and meteors. How a meteor came from space and landed on someone’s and broke the front of it. He told us that there is a little bit of gravity on the moon it is not zero gravity. The moon has craters on it because lots of meteorites have crashed onto the moon and left lots of holes. We watched the first moon landing and researched Neil Armstrong the first man to step onto the moon. We worked together to make a poster of the information we learned.