Cygnet News

w/e 10.03.23

This week we have been investigating our focus text Astro Girl further. We started to read some of our new collection of space books in our bookcase. We enjoyed David Walliam’s The First Hippo on the Moon. We looked at the illustrations of rockets in a range of books and these inspired our models using recycled materials. It was lovely to see the children so enthusiastic about their creativity. They concentrated hard, collaborated well and used tools and materials to join the resources together. One of the children chose an information book about about Planet Earth to share. We learned the new word orbit that Earth orbits the sun. We learned that the sun is our special star and that planet Earth is one of the planets that make up the solar system. We reflected on it taking a whole year for the Earth to orbit the sun and that is what we celebrate with our New Year. We also enjoyed listening to the adventure story Mini Grey’s Space Dog. A funny story about enemies Space Dog, Astrocats and Mousetronauts who have to work together to save the Spooniverse and they become friends. In our phonics we have been reading and writing words which follow the pattern consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant (ccvc) crab, grab, plan. We had to listen really carefully to the second consonant when spelling words.

In maths we have been comparing numbers within 10. We counted up to 10 and back from 10 and learned that as we count up the numbers get bigger and as we count back the numbers get smaller. We had lots of fun counting back when singing the song Zoom, Zoom, Zoom We’re Going to the Moon.

We had fun in PE going to the rainforest and playing a tag game where when caught by a poisonous frog we needed to sit out briefly. The children enjoyed this fast paced game and had to move quickly, changing directions and be honest about being caught. In our SCARF lesson we learned about things, such as food, drinks and including medicines, which are safe to put in our bodies. We talked about being safe around medicines and the importance of only taking them with adult supervision.

We met a very cute visitor in assembly who put a smile on everyone’s faces. Maggie is a wellbeing therapy dog who is going to come to school with her owner and the children are going to read to Maggie. She is very calm and the children loved meeting her.