Cygnet News

w/e 24.02.23

On Shrove Tuesday we read Mr Wolf’s Pancakes by Jan Fearnley. Before we read the story we discussed the wolf characters we know from stories we have read and most of the children felt that wolves are bad characters. As we read the story the children felt sorry for Mr Wolf because he was kind and nobody would help him. We discussed about the importance of asking others for help and not giving up but keep trying with the things we all find tricky. The children listened really well and were all shocked by the end when Mr Wolf ate all of the other characters. We had an interesting discussion at the end where some of the children thought the reason he did this was because the other characters would have eaten all of the pancakes. We made a list of the ingredients we would need to make the pancakes and listened carefully to instructions for making them. We tried a range of toppings; jam. sugar and lemon and maple syrup. We really enjoyed making and sharing pancakes.

In phonics we are continuing our learning about vcc (vowel, consonant, consonant) words eg ant and cvcc words (consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant) eg best. We focussed on the word “went” which is a common word to be misspelt as “wet”. We built “went” and listened to the n sound being overemphasised because it is the spelling which is often missed out. We started our new focus text for this half term Astro Girl by Ken Wilson-Max. We talked about our favourite books which we enjoy reading with our families. We enjoyed looking at the photos sent through about favourite books on Google Classroom. We looked at pictures of the main character and predicted what the story might be about. We decided that she is a little girl who is probably about 5 and she has a Mum and Dad and we think the story might have something to do with space. We talked about own families and the special times we have together. We talked and wrote about the activities we did in the holiday with our families.

We made lots of use of the tens frames this week in maths. We counted 9s and can quickly see there are 9 because there is one empty space on the tens frame. We have a new morning routine of the children putting their photo on a tens frame. We have 3 tens frames so that we can quickly see how many children we have daily and the children can see which is their special number each day. We made dot pictures with 10 dots just like in the book 10 Black Dots by Donald Crews. There was a lovely variety of subjects from boxes of blueberries, spotty dogs to crazy sea creatures. We are going to put our pictures together to make our own 10 Black Dots book. The maths highlight of the week was when we played a number ordering game with the numerals 0-10 and our partner had to change the order while the other child closed their eyes. There were lots of clever tricks to challenge our friends happening and lots of fun.

In our SCARF lesson we started learning about Keeping Myself Safe by thinking about the things that are safe to go onto our bodies. We made a big picture of a person by drawing around a child and then sorted different things eg soap, clothes, plasters, sun onto the picture. We had an interesting discussion about mud but decided it needs to be washed off!

We have started doing Games in our PE lessons around the theme of Around the World beginning with Polar Regions to aim when throwing and practise keeping the score. We learned to point to aim with feet or hands. We all had fun doing the skipping workshop.

We read a book called Hiku by Nicole Snitselaar and Coralie Saudo about a little penguin growing up. We used the illustrations as inspiration for making a Thank You card for Dr Hammerton. We explored finger painting to print the penguins, printed their eyes and then used orange paper to cut and stick the beaks. The children were inspired by the illustrations to make their own self initiated paintings.