Cygnet News

w/e 16.12.22

At the start of the week the children enjoyed watching the Pantomime. They did really well to watch and take part with the refrains during James and the Giant Peach. It gave us inspiration for doing our own play. The highlight of the week was our Christmas play the Gingerbread Men. It was really lovely to be able to welcome so many parents to our class to watch the play and to take part with the activities after. The children did a great job taking part without any wobbles.

We continued our phonics learning to read and write words with the new spellings k,l,r and u and the high frequency word are. In maths we revised our number skills to 5 and learned about the seasons in our learning about time. We used positional language to describe the journey of our figures and drew maps to record this.

We put the finishing touches to our clay candle holders inspired by the diva lamps we saw when we learned about Diwali the Hindu festival of light.

We read the Nativity story. We looked at the illustrations for clues about how we could tell that the story took place a long time ago. We talked about how we celebrate birthdays and that Christians believe that Christmas marks the birth of Jesus and that is a reason why we give and receive presents. The children have enjoyed giving and receiving Christmas cards. We finished off making Christmas and Holiday cards to give to our families. We learned that we need to be careful when printing to make a good print.

The children all looked great wearing their Christmas jumpers and they had their first Christmas lunch at school. The freezing cold weathered not deter Father Christmas from popping into school to see the children before the school closed for the Christmas holiday.